Dienstag, 08. Mrz 2016, 12:15 - 13:30 iCal

Seals and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age:

Current Perspectives and Future Challenges

Dr. Olga Krzyszkowska (Institute of Classical Studies, University of London)

Seminarraum 12 des Instituts für Klassische Archäologie
Franz-Klein-Gasse 1 / 1. Stock, 1190 Wien


For the Aegean Bronze Age, seals and sealings are true ‘monuments in miniature’, shedding light on iconography, administration and much else besides. As personal possessions they bring us far closer to the individual than is usually possible. Yet one of the key challenges is to recreate the social arenas in which the seals were made, the better to understand their roles as items of personal adornment, as administrative devices, or as status markers; these undoubtedly changed over time and may even vary from one site to another within the same period. This lecture will survey insights that have emerged in recent years through systematic studies or new finds, and will highlight questions that currently remain unresolved.


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