Mittwoch, 09. Dezember 2015, 16:15 - 17:30 iCal

Prof. David Procter / University of Manchester

From copper-catalysis to metal-free processes: new cross-coupling technology for synthesis

Hörsaal 3 der Fakultät für Chemie
Währinger Straße 38, 1090 Wien


The first part of the lecture will describe recent studies on copper-catalyzed cross-coupling processes. For example, copper-catalyzed silylative and borylative couplings of allenes with aldehydes and imines allow regio-, chemo- and diastereoselective assembly of valuable functionalized homoallylic alcohols and amines.

The second part of the lecture will deal with the development of sulfoxide-directed, metal-free C-H cross-couplings of arenes and hetereoarenes with organosilane coupling partners and the application of the approach in the synthesis of materials and bioactive targets.


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