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Symposium ENRECA

"Location, space and religion in religious education"

Institut f. Religionspädagogik, Hörsaal 1
Schenkenstraße 8-10, 1010 Wien

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The concepts location, space and place are taken as special domains that mark and situate particular entities or bounded fields in terms of areas, positions and boundaries, but the concepts also signify interconnection, movement and transformation. Location, space and place concerns the way in which social relationships, e.g. religious relations and expressions are inscribed in and organized through space, be it a space of a home, a church, a village, a suburb, a classroom, a school or a nation-state. Further, it concerns the way in which specific places become imbued with particular social, symbolic and religious meanings, but also the way in which the meanings and representations with certain places are contested, negotiated, and transformed through individual and collective action.

The concepts of location, space, and place appear increasingly important after the spatial turn in the cultural sciences. The function of these concepts manifests itself where they are used in a concrete way: Every practice of religious education is situated and contextually dependent. This has also been clearly demonstrated through the present conflicts in Gaza/Israel, Ukraine/Russia, and Iraq/Syria.


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