Dienstag, 17. Mrz 2015, 17:00 - 19:00 iCal


"Settling Down: Changes of the Bahima Cattle Keeping System in Uganda" mit

Dr. Maria Wurzinger (BOKU)

Seminarraum 3, Institut für Afrikawissenschaften
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 5, 1090 Wien


The livelihood of Bahima people has been always dependent on their cattle. Traditionally they used to freely move around with large herds in search for water and pasture along the Ugandan cattle-corridor.

This system has undergone tremendous changes over the last decades. Since the 1960s a sedentary lifestyle was promoted by governments and missionaries and by today most pastoralists have settled. Growing human population and land pressure has reinforced this trend.

This talk shows how this shift from a nomadic to a sedentary way of living has an impact on the management of the most important resource of the Bahima: their cattle.

This change influences not only the way how animals are managed, but also leads to a change in the perception of cattle keepers. A cow – once seen as a family member turns into an economically important resource.

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