Freitag, 16. Januar 2015, 15:15 - 16:45 iCal

Photoemission of sp2-hybridized carbon systems

Vortrag von Univ.-Prof. Dr. P. AYALA (Univ. Wien)

Seminarraum 2 (Rm. 2124) der Fakultät für Chemie
Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Wien

Seminar, Workshop, Kurs

In this talk I will present an overview and progress report of the use of photoemission spectroscopy and X-ray absorption spectroscopy as key tools to understand the properties of low dimensional carbon systems with sp2 hybridization. Keeping in mind that the properties of these materials can be nicely tuned via different functionalization methods like substitutional doping, lattice modifications, adsorption of species, among others, this overview will provide an approach to how these techniques can be utilized to understand and analyze changes in the site-selective valence and conduction bands of single-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene. Deepening into the ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy studies, special attention will be given to how the properties of these systems vary in terms of their relationship to the density of states of the valence band.


Institut für Physikalische Chemie


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kautek
Erwin Schrödinger Gesellschaft für Nanowissenschaften & Universität Wien
Institut für Physikalische Chemie
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