Montag, 07. Juli 2014, 17:00 - 18:00 iCal

A mystery at the core of physics

Public Lecture Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Lise Meitner Lecture Hall, 1st floor, Faculty of Physics
Boltzmanng. 5, 1090 Wien


A mystery at the core of physics: the quantum nature of time and space

What we know about the world converges to indicate that space and even time itself must have a quantum nature: they are intrinsically granular and probabilistic. What does this mean? What does this imply for the beginning of the universe, or for the fate of matter that falls into a black hole? How much and how shall we have to modify our intuitive ideas about time and space for understanding this?

I describe in this lecture, in simple words, what I think we know and we do not know, about this mysterious aspect of reality.

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