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Ringvorlesung Turkologie 2022/23WS

The Press in the 19th and 20th centuries: From Central Asia to Anatolia via Crimea and the Caucasus

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Private - Soviet - Tajik: Bukharan Jewish Press from 1910 to 1940

Thomas Loy (Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences)


Over a period of thirty years, the Bukharan Jewish press was transformed from a pioneering privately owned enterprise that served the needs of the Persian-speaking Jewish communities throughout Central Asia to one owned and regulated by the Soviet state. The introduction of a Bukharan Jewish press in 1910 was intended to create a modernized language and ethnic awareness among the Jews of Central Asia. In the 1930s, Bukharan Jewish newspapers and journals were radically Sovietized, serving as a tool to transmit propaganda and to shape and educate a predefined ‘national minority group’. At the end of the decade they were finally shut down. Some of them were converted into Tajik-language periodicals, for which part of the former staff continued to work.


Thomas Loy is a research fellow at the Department of South Asia, Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. This lecture is based on the article “From ‘Mercy’ to ‘Banner of Labour’: the development, evolution, and destruction of the Bukharan Jewish press in late Tsarist and early Soviet Central Asia” which was co-authored by Zeev Levin and was published in Central Asian Survey

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