Donnerstag, 22. Mrz 2018, 17:00 - 18:30 iCal

Visualizing Bodies and Brains

A Social Science Perspective on Biomedical Imaging

Talk of Prof. Regula Valérie Burri (HCU Hamburg)

Fakultät für Psychologie, Hörsaal G, 2. Stock (linke Stiege)
Liebigasse 5, 1010 Wien


Drawing on ethnographic field research and interviews with physicians and scientists, this talk will show how biomedical images can be conceptualized and analyzed from a social science perspective. While the humanities look back on a long tradition of studying images and scopic regimes, the social sciences more recently developed an interest in images as social entities.

Starting out from a short discussion of such analytic approaches, the talk will suggest a perspective that allows to consider the visual „in action“. The talk will thus inquire into the very practices of the production, interpretation, and use of visualizations in medical and research contexts and ask how images serve epistemic and social aims.




Institut für Psychologische Grundlagenforschung und Forschungsmethoden (AB Allgemeine Psychologie)


Abla Marie-Jose Bedi
Institut für Psycholgogische Grundlagenforschung und Forschungsmethoden
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