Dienstag, 03. Dezember 2013, 16:00 - 16:45 iCal

Grammar, genre and politics in Komnenian

Constantinople: Redefin ing a scientific paradigm in the history of Byzantine literature

Inst. für Mittelalterforschung, Abt.Byzanzforschung, Seminarraum
Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Wien


The talk attempts to show that "everyday language" (idiotis glossa) was not in opposition to the "noble Attic diction" (eugenes Atthis), but was in fact used in school for composing grammatical exercises called schede, as a "rediscovered" late twelfth-century dictionary for reading and writing schede proves. Of these exercises a specific type was developed around 1140-1150 by Theodore Prodromos and a few other teachers into a literary text with specific generic characteristics and in a "mixed" stylistic idiom. It will be argued that this new mini-genre stands behind the main generic and linguistic features of the Ptochoprodromic Poems.



Abteilung Byzanzforschung der ÖAW, Inst. für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik, Österr. Byzantinische Gesellschaft


Petra Greger
Institut für Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik
Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
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