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The Concepts of Health and Disease

From the Viewpoint of four Cultures

Sigmund Freud Privat Universität (SFU)
Schnirchgasse 9a , A - 1030 Wien

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The concepts of health and disease are to a high degree dependent on culture. This thesis derives from the more general opinion that every system of knowledge is based on the presuppositions of a culture. Furthermore according to Constructive Realism – the philosophy of science introduced by Fritz Wallner – every system of knowledge can only be understood if we compare it with other systems – or rather – if we take some propositions out of the context of the system and put it into another system. This is the methodology of Strangification, which is very fruitful if applied to systems of knowledge from different cultures.

At this congress the concepts of health and disease shall be investigated from the viewpoint of four cultures, namely Thai, Chinese, Islamic and European culture. Experts from these different cultures will present their opinions and so initiate a mutual learning process. This will lead to a deeper insight into the medical systems and will also help to answer the question what we can expect and claim regarding medical systems.



This is a joint event of:

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

TCM University Shanghai

Beijing University for Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

Thammasat University Bangkok

Vienna University

Sigmund Freud Privat Universität (SFU)

University of Tehran

Universidad de Oviedo


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