Freitag, 03. November 2023 - Freitag, 24. November 2023 iCal

Close[t] Demonstrations

an exhibition on the multitudes of queer in_visibility

Semmelweisklinik: Centre for Arts and Culture Vienna, Austria
Hockegasse 37/Haus 4, 1180 Wien



12.00 - 16.00

An art exhibition exploring queer visibilities and invisibilities through drawings, comics, installations, videos, embroidery, and zines. The exhibition presents artists who imagine a new visual politics of queer representation and explore the connection between desires, ways of living, collective discontent, and the potential for change.

The artworks selected unearth power dynamics, pleasures, and desires involved in queer in_visibilities, and the diverse ways they manifest in different contexts.

The exhibition is supported by SHIFT Basis.Kultur Vienna, the Austrian Research Fund (FWF), the research platform Gender: Ambivalent In_visibilities (GAIN) of the University of Vienna, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Gender Research Office of the University of Vienna, and the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH), Culture and Equality office of the University of Vienna and Equal Opportunities Working Party of the University of Vienna

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Close[t] Demonstrations


Iain Zabolotny
University of Vienna