Montag, 28. August 2023, 17:30 - 22:00 iCal

From the Stars to Climate Crisis

Fluid Answers to Turbulent Questions,

in honour of Vittorio Canuto´s 85th Birthday

Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Ungargasse 43, 1030 Wien

Antrittsvorlesung, Public Lecture

A public science event on turbulence, fusion and climate,

by 3 eminent scientist who re-oriented their research towards climate


17:30 – Welcome: S.E. Stefano Beltrame & Nicola Locatelli


17:35 – Introduction: Norbert J Mauser


17:50 – Talk: Vittorio Canuto (Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA)

From Torino to America - from warming to boiling.


18:30 – Short presentation: Bérengère Dubrulle (CNRS)

Why we need turbulence experiments to model climate.


18:45 – Short presentation: Rupert Klein (FU Berlin)

Weather & Climate: can we trust the mathematical models ?


19:00 – General discussion with audience

19:30 – “cena” = drinks & buffet



Friedrich Kupka (FH Technikum Wien & WPI)

Nicola Locatelli (Dir. Ist. Italiano di Cultura)

Norbert J Mauser (WPI c/o U.Wien)

Amedeo Staiano (Scientific advisor Ital. Embassy)


Istituto italiano di Cultura & Italian Embassy in Vienna

Institut CNRS Pauli & Wolfgang Pauli Institute

research platform MMM "Mathematics-Magnetism-Materials" @ Univ. Wien

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Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Wolfgang Pauli Institute, Research platform MMM @ Univ. Wien

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Univ.Prof. Norbert J. Mauser
WPI c/o Fak. Mathematik