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The Vienna Circle Exhibition

After travelling to the University of Belgrade in September 2022, Université Paris Cité’s Grands Moulins library will host the exhibition «The Vienna Circle. Exact thinking in Demented Times» from September 1st to December 22nd 2023.

Bibliothèque des Grands Moulins, Université Paris Cité
5, rue Thomas Mann, 75013 PARIS



Hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm, Saturdays from 11am to 7pm

The exhibition "The Vienna Circle, Exact Thinking in Demented times" was first created in 2015 in Vienna by Karl Sigmund and Friedrich Stadler, researchers at the Universität Wien, Austria. It circulates, travels and peregrinates throughout Europe, in cooperation with members of the Circle U. European alliance. The exhibition showcased in German and English was displayed in Belgrade as well as in Berlin in early 2023 before coming to Paris in early September.


About the Exhibition

The Vienna Circle is a group of physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers, who founded one of the most influential schools of thought of the 20th century, between the wars in Vienna. Gathered around the philosopher Moritz Schlick, this constellation of intellectuals, scholars, and scientists had significant influence on the construction of mathematical logic, study and method, scientific analysis, information technology and contemporary engineering sciences.


The exhibition illustrates the history and key contributions of this circle of learned sociability. It traces the destinies of its protagonists, who fell victim to the ravages of rising populism and anti-Semitic persecution that struck "Red Vienna" in the 1930s.


Getting there

The library Bibliothèque des Grands Moulins ( at Université Paris Cité is located at

5, rue Thomas Mann 75013 Paris


Opening from September 1st to December 22nd 2023

Hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm, Saturdays from 11am to 7pm

Free admission

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