Mittwoch, 17. November 2021, 17:00 - 18:30 iCal

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Ulrike Felt "An environmental problem in search for a political solution – The case of the single-use plastic directive"



About the talk:

The 20th century has frequently been described as the “the plastic age”, plastic being omnipresent and ubiquitous. It exists in all kinds of forms and with multiple functions — the material’s plasticity has allowed it to permanently reshape our material cultures. Yet, it contains all kinds of chemical additives creating harmful effects; it degrades into fragments (microplastics) thus shifting shape and diffusing into the remotest parts of our environment and our bodies; and, plastic accumulates over time constituting what one could call the archives of 20th century “progress”.


Taking these complexities as a starting point, this lecture aims at investigating the struggles in European policy arenas over the governance of plastic. Currently, Europe is engaged in intense policy debates — e.g. the EU Plastic Strategy and the Single-Use Plastics directive — trying to address plastic as a matter of public concern and develop adequate responses. We will carefully analyze the ways these policy initiatives conceptualize, narrate and address the plastic issues and propose solutions. Doing this I want to open up an in-depth reflection on the limitation of specific policy framings and invite to engage with the multiplicity of the lives of plastic-in-society and thinking about the solutions so far proposed or already put in place.


About the speaker:

Ulrike Felt is Professor of Science and Technology Studies since 1999, Head of the Department of Science and Technology Studies and of the research platform Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice. She is furthermore a member of the research platforms "Governance of Digital Practices" und "PLENTY - Plastics in the Environment and Society", and vice-head of the Environmental Research Network of the University of Vienna. Main research interests include: participation and governance of science/technology in democratic societies; science communication, knowledge production and their ethical dimension; socio-technical infrastructures and their importance for science and society; Digitization and Big Data;


Language: English


When: 17.11.2021, 17:00-18:30 (45 min Talk, 45 min Q&A)


Where: ; Meeting-ID: 940 0826 5961, Kenncode: 452530; no registration required

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