Mittwoch, 06. Oktober 2021, 08:15 - 17:30 iCal

Vienna: Still a just City?

FWF project conference "Vienna in Transition"

Kleiner Festsaal im Hauptgebäude der Universität Wien
Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien


To reflect on the challenges of Vienna's socially inclusive approach together with practitioners, administrators, policy makers, local and international academics, the conference will feature:


// Opening session with keynotes on recent challenges to justice in cities and scenarios of changes in European cities


​​// Workshops discussing challenges of social inclusion in the fields of labour market, housing, environment, and political participation


// A plenary session addressing specific Viennese challenges in a wider European and international context


// A closing session with a political representative of the City of Vienna



The event complies is to be certified according to the guidelines of the Austrian Environmental Label Green Meetings.

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FWF Projekt "Vienna in Transition", Institut für Soziologie

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