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Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle

After 100 Years

Universitität Wien
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Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus logico philosophicus (TLP) inspired the renowned Vienna Circle around Moritz Schlick after WW I as was the case with the literary avant-garde of the “Vienna Group” (Wiener Gruppe) after WW II, followed by the famous Austrian writer Ingeborg Bachmann. In architure the family resemblance with Adolf Loos and Paul Engelmann is well known and obvious. The lifework of Wittgenstein beginning with his path-breaking Tractatus amounts to a sort of world cultural heritage, which ini- tiated at the same time the digital logic in the epoch of our computer age.The oeuvre of Wittgenstein belongs to the cultural heritage like Robert Musil’s “Man without Qualities”, Karl Kraus’ “The Last Days of Mankind”, or Kurt Gödel’s incompleteness proof in formal logic and human thinking up to artificial intelligence.

The principal aim of this con-ference is to focus on the ori-gin and content of the TLP in context, and to critically deal with the influence and diverse reception of the TLP within the Vienna Circle, besides Moritz Schlick and Friedrich Waismann, but also to draw on mutual impacts. Additional important philosophers for Wittgenstein like Frege, Frank P. Ramsey and Bertrand Russell are taken into regard, too. All these topics will be addressed with reference to Viennese modernity and in the context of general intellectual and cultural history.

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