Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2021, 12:30 - 14:00 iCal

u:japan lectures #9 Interdependent well-being

"How independently oriented values induce positive outcomes in Japanese interdependent organizations"

A virtual u:japan LUNCH lecture by Uchida Yukiko (Kyoto University)


Online Event


How do Japanese workers seek and feel well-being? How do we foster and maintain cultural values (e.g., independence, interdependence) in our daily activities? This talk aims to provide direct evidence for the theoretical assumption that cultural values and systems exist at the group level (organization) and that they are functionated under the corresponding socio-ecological contexts such as job mobility. We collected data from various business organizations in Japan. Each organization has its own values. For example, in some organizations, independent-oriented culture (e.g., promotion-oriented, competition-oriented) could become dominant, while other organizations are more likely to sustain traditional interdependent-oriented culture (e.g., prevention-focused, group harmony-oriented). Using a large-scale survey with a sample over 3.000 employees working in Japanese organizations, we examined the prediction that independence orientation at the organization-level promotes positive outcomes (e.g. cooperative social interactions) only under high job mobility environments. Our findings carry important theoretical implications in understanding how cultural psychological constructs interact with local socio-ecological environments to constitute self-sustaining cultural systems.



Dr. Uchida Yukiko is currently a professor of social and cultural psychology at the Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University. Upon receiving her PhD in social psychology from Kyoto University in 2003, she started her academic career as a visiting researcher at the University of Michigan and Stanford University. Since 2008, she has been based at the Kokoro Research Center. As a cultural psychologist, she studies the psychological mechanisms behind the experience of emotions like well-being. She is a 2019-20 Berggruen fellow at CASBS, Stanford University.

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