Montag, 09. Dezember 2019, 18:30 - 20:00 iCal

Festive Celebration, Colonial Condemnation

The Tumultuous Events of Carnival 1846 in Malta

Institut für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft, Hörsaal 3 (UZA II/Geo-Zentrum)
Althanstr. 14, 1090 Wien


Renowned theatre historian Vicki Ann Cremona, a specialist at the intersection of theatrical event and public celebration, visits the Theater History Lecture Series on „Society and Theatre in Revolutionary Vienna, 1848“ with a guest lecture on society and theatre in the Maltese Carnival of 1846.


The Maltese archipelago was a British colony from 1800-1964. The theatrical events of Carnival became the stage for the struggle between power and resistance. The 1846 Carnival was the first example of the manipulation of a theatrical event to express civil disobedience, which led to unrest. The talk shall trace the events of Sunday 22 February 1846, when the British Governor, Sir Patrick Stuart, withheld permission for the Carnival to take place. The Maltese disobeyed and came out to celebrate. The day ended in confrontation, violence, and unfair arrests. It will show how the display of power and resistance complemented the first burgeoning signs of popular will, and opened the way towards the claim towards autonomous government.

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