Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2019, 18:15 - 19:15 iCal

The dedication of the Athenian Treasury at Delphi.

The political identity and leadership claims of the Athenians in the late sixth century BCE

Eleni Krikona (Universität Hamburg)

Seminarraum 12, Institut für Klassische Archäologie
Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, 1. Stock, 1190 Wien


The paper addresses a controversial issue: the date of the Athenian treasury in the Sanctuary of Delphi. Based on Pausanias’ reference (10.11.5) and on the inscription engraved on the façade of the pedestal upon which the Athenians had put the Persian spoils from the battle of Marathon, some archaeologists date the whole dedication after 490 BCE. The decoration of the building, however, suggests an earlier date of construction, probably around 500 BCE.

By examining the metopes, the inscription of the pedestal, and the historical framework of the late sixth century, the present study aims to offer some arguments not only for the date of the treasury, but most importantly for the political significance of this dedication at Delphi that reflects the way the Athenians, soon after the Kleisthenic reforms, chose to present themselves in a Panhellenic sanctuary.


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