Montag, 18. November 2019, 17:30 - 19:30 iCal

Deindustrialisation – Does it matter?

With keynote by Fiona Tregenna, Professor of Economics and South African Research Chair in Industrial Development, College of Business and Economics, University of Johannesburg

C3 - Centrum für Internationale Entwicklung
Sensengasse 3, 1090 Wien


Classical development economics, especially structuralist approaches, regard the manufacturing sector as having special properties as an engine of economic growth. From this perspective, industrialization and structural change are the key route for lower income countries to catch up with high income countries. However, the current international reality is one of widespread deindustrialization, including premature deindustrialization in countries of the Global South. Does deindustrialization matter for growth? Is it a pathological phenomenon or simply part of the natural maturation and development of economies? Is it something that policymakers should be concerned about?


In this talk, Professor Tregenna will argue that deindustrialization remains an important concern, but will emphasize the complexity and heterogeneity of deindustrialization, and suggest that a nuanced approach is needed, both analytically and for policy.




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Organizers: ÖFSE - Austrian Foundation for Development Research, Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna


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