Mittwoch, 03. Oktober 2018, 15:00 - 16:00 iCal

CS Colloquium mit Prof. Sebastian Möller

Evaluating Speech and Language Technology: From Analyzing Speaker Characteristics to Humans In-the-loop

Fakultät für Informatik, Hörsaal 3
Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien


Speech and language technology is increasingly popular for personal assistants and smart environments. In order to fulfill the expectations of their users, these systems have to be personal, behave reasonably, and provide a pleasurable experience. A key for reaching this aim is consequent evaluation and optimization of the underlying technology. In the talk, novel evaluation paradigms will be discussed for two exemplary services. The first one is a spoken dialogue service where (synthetic) speech perception, dialogue management, and overall quality evaluation paradigms will be illustrated. The second is a language translation service, in which a crowdsourcing paradigm is used in order to reach best possible outcome. The described paradigms open possibilities towards an optimized quality engineering for speech and language services.

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