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Selecting what to learn: Infants' search for visual regularity
Kristen Tummeltshammer, Ph.D.
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Hörsaal G
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Abstract: Selecting what to learn: Infants' search for visual regularity

The ability to evaluate the reliability of incoming information is paramount to effective reasoning and efficient learning. Young children are judicious in their use of information from others, taking into account a diverse range of cues such as an individual’s age, accent, emotional expression, and history of accuracy when determining whom to trust. We propose that this ability to judge the reliability of informants may be underpinned by an early-emerging sensitivity to the consistency and predictiveness of cues, which enables infants and young children to direct attention and select what to learn. I will present data from three eye-tracking studies, which investigate infants’ monitoring and selective use of reliable cues in three different visual learning paradigms: 1) contingent reward learning, 2) spatial cueing, and 3) contextual cueing.

Taken together, these studies suggest that infants are sensitive to the reliability of visual cues and use them selectively to direct visual attention toward key incoming information. This sensitivity may bolster more mature source monitoring and selective learning abilities observed later in development.


Fakultät für Psychologie, Institut für Angewandte Psychologie: Gesundheit, Entwicklung und Förderung


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