Donnerstag, 03. Mai 2018, 17:00 - 18:30 iCal

Motor resonance meets motor performance

Exploring the interplay between motor simulation and action execution

Talko of Guido Barchiesi, PhD (University of Salzburg)

Fakultät für Psychologie, Hörsaal G, 2. Stock (linke Stiege)
Liebigasse 5, 1010 Wien


Motor Resonance is considered a mechanism that automatically maps the observed actions onto the observers' motor system, activating the motor representations correspondent to the action observed. However, in light of this hypothesis, how is it possible that we can produce movements that are different from those observed? In this talk I will describe the results I obtained so far studying the interplay between the automatic activation of the motor representations correspondent to the actions observed and the motor representations voluntarily selected to fulfil task requirements.




Institut für Psychologische Grundlagenforschung und Forschungsmethoden (AB SCAN-Unit)


Abla Marie-Jose Bedi
Institut für Psycholgogische Grundlagenforschung und Forschungsmethoden