Donnerstag, 09. Mrz 2017, 18:00 - 19:30 iCal

The Musicultura Collective (2004-2017, Brazil)

Participatory Action-Research on Music and Sound in Rio de Janeiro

Samuel Araujo, jr.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Hörsaal 1 des Instituts für Musikwissenschaft
Spitalgasse 5, Hof 9, 1090 Wien


Debates on social justice have highlighted the difficult and sometimes irreconcilable tensions inherent to public-private relationships, whatever be the respective definition for each of the terms. In an assumedly reductionist perspective, some of the major forces at play nowadays are, on one hand, issues of worldwide dimensions such as the growth of resource privatization, commodification of social life, and a structural job crisis, all of which generating more social inequality plus an unprecedented level of concentration of income and, consequentially, of power.

On the other side of this equation, as argued by Fraser (2002) among others, rests the need or urge for effective responses by bottom-up collective action in defense of public interest in both local and global arenas. Halfway from both sides and mediating such disputes stand state policies ideally aimed at maintaining a balance between private and public demands, in not a few cases hindered by the power of capital in dictating the destinies of politics worldwide. Music, soundscapes, and imaginaries around them are, as they have been in previous sociohistorical contexts, an integral part of such process, constituting a rich field of enquiry aimed at political action in defense of concepts of public interest and social justice against the more somber prospects of deepening socioeconomic inequality.

This lecture will reflect critically upon the work of an action-research collective consisting of university-affiliated researchers and residents of Rio de Janeiro ?s second largest favela. It will address the potentials of and obstacles to participatory initiatives not only in redefining goals and strategies in the political struggles around the public-private continuum, but also in redesigning radically the contexts of knowledge production beyond the academic/extra- academic dichotomy.


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