Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015, 15:00 - 17:00 iCal

Perceptual Karelian

Guest lecture by Dr Helka Riionheimo (University of Eastern Finland)

Fachbereichsbibliothek Finno-Ugristik, Campus Hof 7.2
Spitalgasse 2-4 Hof 7, 1090 Wien


The Karelian language was spoken in Finland in so-called Border Karelia, the easternmost corner of pre-WWII Finland. In World War II, parts of Southeastern Finland, including Border Karelia, were ceded to the Soviet Union, their inhabitants systematically evacuated and resettled in other parts of Finland. Under assimilation pressure from the education system and the whole society, many Karelian-speaking evacuee families shifted to Finnish. This lecture, based on research by Riionheimo and Prof. Marjatta Palander, will deal with questions of folk linguistics and dialectology: what do descendants of Karelian-speaking evacuees remember of the language which their parents or grandparents spoke, and how do they perceive Karelian features in audio samples?

Helka Riionheimo received her PhD in 2007 with a dissertation that addresses contact linguistic issues from a broad theoretical perspective. The work was linked to a wide range of areas of linguistic research: studies of Finnish dialects, studies of Finnic languages (especially of Estonian), studies of language contact, language attrition and language death, and studies of morphology and morphological processing. Alongside her work as Lecturer at the University of Eastern Finland, Riionheimo has worked in research projects such as "Complexity in Contact: the maintenance of morphophonology in Baltic Finnic contacts (2010-2013)", FINKA (On the borderline of Finnish and Karelian: perspectives on cognate languages and dialects), and CROSSLING (Language Contacts at the Crossroads of Disciplines).

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