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More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye: Athenian Owls and the Chronology of Southern Palestinian Coinages of the Persian Period.

Vortrag von Haim Gitler (Jerusalem)

Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte, Hörsaal
Franz Klein-Gasse 1, 1190 Wien


Philistian coins, minted at the far end of the Fifth Persian Satrapy - Beyond the River - in the southern coast of Palestine, first appeared in a scholarly publication in 1779. It was Joseph Hilarius Eckhel, founder of modern numismatics, Professor of Antiquities and Numismatics at the University of Vienna and Keeper of the Imperial Cabinet of Coins of Vienna who published in this year a drachm of Ashkelon under the section Nvmi Incerti.

Two hundred and thirty six years later we are proposing to reassess the relative chronology of the fifth- and fourth-century-BC Philistian coins against the recent suggestion of an intermediate three-quarter profile eye phase in the depiction of the eye of Athena on Athenian Owls dated to c. 420–390 BC. Recently we have re-examined 53 Athenian tetradrachms found in licensed archeological excavations in Palestine. The percentages of coins per period in terms of similarity of eye treatment between these Athenian finds and the Philistian and Samarian coinages are significantly similar. Artistically, this indicates that local craftsmen were strongly influenced by Greek die engraving. Another implication may be chronological, suggesting a close dating between the circulating Athenian issues and local coins.


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