Mittwoch, 07. Juni 2017, 17:00 - 18:30 iCal

Negotiating Non-Citizenship in Toronto


Vortrag von Luin Goldring (York University) im Rahmen der IPW-Lectures

Konferenzraum (A0222) des Instituts für Politikwissenschaft an der Universität Wien, NIG, 2.Stock
Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien


Recognized immigrants and de-facto residents share certain exclusions (e.g. racism and racialization) as well as distinct challenges linked to immigration status. De-facto residents include temporary residents, who are not typically entitled to full settlement services, and those without authorized status. For this precarious status population, struggles to stay put involve claims of control over im/mobility and presence, claims to membership based on residence, and claims of access to public services and entitlements. Contemporary immigration policies institutionalize a variety of legal status situations and likely trajectories characterized by several dimensions of precarity. These include temporariness (temporary work and residence permits), limited or no access to public services, status revocability, and deportability. This paper examines the chutes and ladders of precarious legal status trajectories, focusing on the conditionality of presence and access. Part of the analysis examines the work undertaken by precarious noncitizens to remain in Canada and to gain (more) secure status, extend presence, and improve access to services. Another part focuses on the role of certain actors and institutions in shaping experiences and trajectories. The analysis is based on data gathered through a mixed-methods survey conducted in the Greater Toronto Area and may focus on a particular legal status trajectory. The paper aims to contribute to conceptual and empirical work on the assemblage of non-citizenship in Canada, and to comparative discussions.


Forschungsgruppe INEX, Institut für Politikwissenschaft


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